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Authentic Parent Voice Twitter Chat: #APVChat, 3 September 2018 at 12 noon AEST

COLLABORATION BETWEEN HOME AND SCHOOL - creating a plan of support for your child

  1. Schools develop a variety of plans to support individual needs of students. The names of these plans vary between education sectors as well as across states and territories. A common factor is the requirement to collaborate with families. What are the key factors for successful collaboration for you?

  2. What level of involvement does your child have in the development and review of his/her own plan?

  3. Some children will have many experts involved in supporting their needs and in contributing to the development of a plan of support. To what extent do you view yourself as an expert in this process?

  4. To what extent do others view you as an expert in this process?

  5. An individual plan of support details goals, strategies and indicators for success. How is this information made available to your child’s teacher/s?

  6. If you could offer one piece of advice to a student, parent or teacher going into a collaborative planning meeting, what would that be?

  7. What questions remain unanswered for you about the collaborative planning process?