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APVChat: Communication Communication Communication.

Join us on Twitter for our next #APVChat and get the most out of a fresh start to the school year with some practical communication tips.

The following questions will guide our discussion:

  1. What are some of the successful ways you have communicated with your school? Why do you think it worked?

  2. Do you have a preference for how you like to communicate with your school? Have you been able to tell your school about this? How did they respond?

  3. How do you use parent portals and social media to communicate with your school?

  4. What does parent leadership look like in your school and how can you benefit and contribute to that?

  5. How do you feel when you ask your school for information or action to be taken? How does your school react to those requests?

  6. How are you going to communicate with your school/teacher this year?

Read more about how you can communicate successfully with your school in this month’s blog.