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APVChat: Collaborative Planning


Join us on Twitter #APVChat 12 noon AEST

Share your experiences and insights of what makes for good collaboration with your school. Here are the questions that will guide our conversation. You may also want to listen to our podcast in which a parent shares her experiences of collaboration and the insights she has learnt along the way .

Q1. What does the term ‘collaboration’ mean to you?

Q2. How confident do you feel about your rights, as a parent, to be consulted in any planning for you child?

Q3. What do you feel confident to ask for from your school and why?

Q4. What are your unsure to ask for from your school and why?

Q5. Describe a situation when you were a part of genuine collaboration with your school. What was the impact for you and your child?

Q6. Choose one piece of advice shared today and describe how you will use this to enhance collaboration with your school.