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Our Team


Sarah Humphreys

Sarah Humphreys is a freelance education consultant with a focus on inclusion and developing and promoting curriculum access for all.  She is passionate about building positive relationships between parents and schools to support genuine inclusion.

Sarah has a Master’s degree in Special Education from the University of London. She has worked in both regular and special education settings in England and Australia and has lectured at the University of Sydney on inclusion. Through her role as Student Diversity Senior Project Officer with the Australian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (ACARA) Sarah was able to introduce Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as part of the curriculum development process to ensure the curriculum could be interpreted and implemented flexibly to meet the needs of all students.




Jacqui Van de Velde

Jacqui has more than 25 years experience in education, wellbeing and mental health in both a professional and volunteer capacity. She has worked in and continues to work across a variety of educational and cultural contexts, in Australia, New Zealand, the EU, Singapore and North America. Jacqui is a passionate advocate for parent engagement in education, teaching standards, improved educational outcomes for K-12, professional learning networks and continuing education in the workplace, wellbeing, veteran health and advocacy.

M Ed, B Ec, Dip Ed, Dip Business (Frontline Management), Dip Training and Assessment Systems, Cert IV TAE, Cert IV Parent Family Community Engagement





Over two decades, Linda McNeil has worked with schools, school systems, parents and parent associations to advocate for parents, build relationships and manage conflict.  She believes that the beauty lies in the liminal space where schools and families encounter each other to build the best environment they can for all children.

Linda is a well-known speaker on parent engagement, conflict management and generational differences.  She regularly presents workshops for teachers and pre-service teachers.

Linda is a licensed coach with Growth Coaching International

M.B.A., Grad Cert Dispute Resolution, B.Bus.